More than just a CEU.

Original classes to help you succeed!

NCTRC Pre-Approved classes.    (No additional fee for your CEU certificate.)

Here, at  Ptarmigan West’s  “Recreation Therapy E-Learning”  website,  you  will be able to take  CEUs for your re-certification.   It’s great to get CEUs from home, work or on your commute.  (Don’t drive while doing your classes.)  We live in an age where we can do so much from our computer and  tablets.  Why not CEUs as well?   Currently we offer several classes, and these will grow each month.  We’d like to get you started with some of our one hour classes while you get to know the program.  Then we will be adding more of the higher CEU classes.  Because you are taking these on-line, we want you to benefit from being on the computer.  Therefore, some of your work will be surfing the internet with links we provide to give you more indepth learning.  This is part of the “E-learning Manifesto” that Ptarmigan West committed to over three years ago. (May 28, 2014) All signers of this manifesto say that we will work to make the CEUs more than just a learn and spit the information out for a test (although you do have to take a test.)  The idea is that you will go into more depth because you are on the internet.  What a great idea to be a part of!  Ptarmigan West will continue to uphold the ideals of the “E-learning Manifesto“.

Have you considered getting your “Specialty Certification” in your area of expertise?  Do you have trouble finding classes that meet the requirements?  We have grouped classes based on the specialty classification and you will see which of these classes meets  NCTRC’s requirements for Specialty Certification.  We encourage you to step up to the challenge that Specialty Certification offers.

Take a class today!  We will be adding new topics and categories. What do you like?  What would you change?  We want this to be a place that you come to learn something new and something that will keep you motivated as a therapist.  In turn, we get motivated learning from you.  Your input is imperative to the success of this tool.

Relax.  Brew a cup of tea.  Sit back and learn.  And then….. print your certificate…. because all of our classes are Pre-approved with NCTRC.  There is no additional fee for your CEU certificate.  (It’s included in the cost of the class.)

Check out the FAQ first, or if you think you’re ready, go ahead and register for classes.   Note: you do not have to pay to register.  You only pay for the classes you will take.