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Overview of Courses:

General classes in Recreation Therapy

Evidence Based Research for Recreation Therapists                                    CEUs:  .1   (1   hour)

Preventing Burnout as a Recreational Therapist                                  CEUs:  .1   (1   hour)
Starting an Internship Program for Recreation Therapy Students       CEUs:  .1    (1 hour)
Understanding Faith in the hospital setting for a Recreational Therapist                                                                                                                    CEUs:  .15   (1.5 hours)
Using an iPad in a Recreational Therapy Program                                  CEUs:  .1    (1 hour)

Physical Medicine Rehabilitation & Geriatric courses:

Introduction to the Problem of Visual Neglect after Stroke                                                                                               CEUs:  .1   ( 1 hour)
Introduction to Stroke- An Overview of Stroke                                     CEUs:  .4    (4 hours)
Pseudobulbar Affect & its implication for a Recreation Therapist                                                                                               CEUs:  .1   (1 hour)

Stroke:  Hope for the Future                                                            CEUs:  .6   (6 hours)

Stroke with a Cultural Focus:  Working with the Multicultural Community in Stroke Recovery                                          CEUs:  .6   (6 hours)

Using the Light house Strategy for Working with Patients with Visual Neglect after Stroke                                                                                                              CEUs:  .3    (3 hours)

The Young Adult Stroke Survivor  (requires reading a book from a personal perspective)                                                              CEUs:  .4     (4 hours)

Understanding Locked-In Syndrome after Stroke    (requires reading 2 books from a personal perspective)        CEUs:  .5  (5 hours)

Therapeutic Activities & Interventions

Aromatherapy                                                                                                       CEUS:    .1  (1 hour)

Gardening                                                                                                 CEUS:   .1  (1 hour)

Golf                                                                                                                            CEUS:   .1  (1 hour)


Due November 1:

6 hours classes:              
Dementia:  Focusing on the Alzheimer’s Disease & Vascular Dementia clients   

Due Mid November:

 6 hours classes:
A Comprehensive Understanding of Visual Neglect  


Note:   These last two classes have taken extra time to develop, so we appreciate you being patient and checking back to see when they are coming.  We will get them up as soon as we can, but we don’t want to jeopardize  the quality of the class.  We take pride in each of these classes, so that you will have original material, just as if you were in a live learning situation.