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Free Books thru using the Kindle 

We thought we would highlight free resources for you to use.  Some of them will be professional, yet others will just be purely for entertainment or even relaxation.    If you don’t have an E-Reader download one here, for FREE.    We will try to give you a heads-up on a new free book every day.  (We’ll try.)  But, please, double check before you click the final “purchase button” to make sure it is still free.  Time zone differences etc. may make this change.

Download if you  don’t have a Kindle reader for your computer, tablet or phone.

Today’s free book:

The Complete Guide to Clinical Aromatherapy and Essential Oil of the Physical Body      Book 1

Kindle Edition

Wanting to learn more about aromatherapy?  How do essential oils fit in with your practice?  Or:   What can you learn about them for yourself?    Although it is not “complete” (No book on aromatherapy can ever be complete), perhaps it is at least a good start.  While you’re at it, go on to our on-line course and sign up for the Aromatherapy class.

It’s a free book today thru Amazon’s Kindle program.  So, give it a try.    (Again, make sure it still says “Kindle Price:  $0.00 when you go to check out.)

Check back tomorrow to see what the next free book will be.