Who we are

Ptarmigan West began as a private recreational therapy practice in 1990 and worked with nursing home administrators to better provide therapeutic activities to their residents. It grew to an educational program with a focus on stroke education to colleges and university students. We have evolved to offering on-site seminars to Recreational Therapists  around the United States and on-line using the e-course format.

Education is the primary purpose of Ptarmigan West and the organization strives to administer the highest quality of continuing education and training whether in person using on-site training or via the computer using E-learning education.


      The mission of Ptarmigan West is to educate Recreation Therapy Professionals with current medical information and evidence based practices to improve the lives of the patients and clients with whom they work.

Ptarmigan West values:

  1. Leadership:  Creating innovative, creative instruction that will motivate Recreational Therapists throughout the profession.
  2. Quality:  Focusing on effective presentations that reach learners at their learning style.  Exceptional quality is our goal.
  3. Integrity:  “If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” is the motto we strive to model.   (Alan K Simpson)
  4. Respect:  Knowing all of our learners come with special gifts of their own, we will empower them to share their strengths as it pertains to our educational focus.